TEMPT is a Thai rock boy band that debuted on 24th July 2019 with their first single ใช่...ใช่ไหม (Tell Me Is This Love).

History Edit

2019 Edit

Originally a four

four -member boy group, Tempt got revealed on January 5th, 2019. All six members acted in drama Love By Chance. The original line-up consisted of Earth, Plan, Title, Gun, Mark and Perth.

The meaning of their group-name is to attract, convince and captivate: convince others with their talents, attract the attention and captivate the love of people.

2020 Edit

They made their first comeback on March 18th with their second single Be With Me Tonight.

Members Edit

Name Position(s) Years Active
Plan (แปลน) Leader, Drummer 2019-present
Gun (กัน) Vocalist, Bassist 2019-present
Title (ไตเติ้ล) Main Vocal, Guitarist 2019-present
Perth (เพิร์ธ) Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist 2019-present

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